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Lower Lake

This is the first pool you see when you drive up the track. At 5 acres and consisting of only 5 single pegs & 2 double pegs there is always plenty of water for each angler to fish, depths range from 9 feet along the dam wall down to 5ft towards the temporary dam. There are plenty of reeds along both the near & far margins on the road bank pegs and along the dam wall. This pool will once again become the jewel in the crown in the next couple of years, it has a healthy stock of around 200 fish which have been hand picked from all of our other waters. Both mirrors and commons run to over 30lb with the lake record set at 37lb 10oz, with over 50 twenties and many others just short of this mark. This water will defiantly be one to look out for in the near future.

£12.50 per day
£25 per 24 hours

Meadow Lake

This is the largest of the Carp pools at 7.5 acres and consists of 11 single pegs & 3 double pegs, in addition Middle & Right point can be fished as a double peg. It has 2 separate bivvy positions cut through at the front with a set of steps down the middle. The pool has recently been extended to include the island part of the lower lake which has been excavated to varying depths of 4 foot down to 9 foot. This lake is stocked with around 350 fish, containing many of the existing stock of original commons. To add to this there are an abundance of new young fish which are all now over the 20lb mark with many reaching high 20. There are around 60 twenties estimated in this pool with 1 known thirty being a common at 33lb 10oz which was weighed at 36lb 10oz in a netting. Cats are present to up to the lake record of 68lb 4oz. This tree lined lake has numerous features including large Lilly pad beds, reeds, islands & silty channels. After removing 80% of the silver fish stock in January 2021 we have noticed a considerable growth rate amongst our young carp, and it won’t be long until the lake produces a fair few more twenties.

£12.50 per day
£25 per 24 hours

Booking Information

Poolhall is primarily a day ticket water where booking is required. All bookings are to be made via a phone call, text message or by a message on the Facebook page.

On weekends priority will be given to 48 hour plus sessions but we could have 24 hour sessions and even day sessions available as late availability or cancellations. These will appear on the facebook page. During the week (Sunday afternoon till Thursday evening) we will be taking bookings for 24 hour plus sessions and day sessions.

There are two booking slots which are either 8.30am or 6pm and day sessions will be the same time slots.

A deposit of 50% is required for 24 hour plus sessions and payment in full is required for day sessions at the time of booking, either by cash, PayPal or bank transfer. The balance is payable by any of the above methods and can be done anytime up to the start of your session.

There are strictly no refunds or transferring of deposits. In the event of anything happening which is beyond our control and leads us to having to cancel your session then alternative dates will be given.

All bookings are in line with our current set of rules which can be found on the website and should be read before booking. We have the right to cancel your booking with no refund if any rules are broken.

Pleasure Lake

Situated close to the car park this pool is a favourite for pleasure fishermen, at about three quarters of an acre and consisting of approx 14 pegs. This pool was supposed to be a stock pond but it became increasingly popular with novice anglers who could always guarantee to catch large numbers of fish leaving them to go home happy. With depths only averaging 3 feet it has become an easy water to fish and the species on offer include carp to 17lb, Approx 1000 small carp to 1.5lbs, bream to 6lb, tench to 4lb, roach to 2lb, perch to 3lb and a few of the original stock of crucian carp.

£6.00 per day


All anglers or visitors to report and book in at the Cabin on arrival.

After reporting to the cabin you can ask to drop your tackle at the back of your peg if fishing in pegs 1 to 4 and willows on the Lower lake. you can drop your tackle in the corner of the Dam if fishing Bus Stop and Gate pegs and the same applies if you are fishing Puds or Dam View pegs on meadow. As soon as you have dropped your tackle, you will be required to put your vehicle on the car park BEFORE SETTING UP. You can pick your tackle up after your session but this must only be done ONCE COMPLETELY PACKED UP.

All cars to be parked on the main car park.

All anglers to have appropriate Environment Agency licences.

Any removal of fish from site will be deemed as a criminal offence.

No parking in front of the main gate at any time, emergency access required, your vehicle could be towed away.

Alcohol allowed, drunken behaviour not.

We have a zero drugs tolerance.

No dogs allowed.

No fires allowed.(disposable BBQ's allowed but must used off the ground and are to be taken home after use).

Respect all wildlife.

Respect members of the public who are using the bridle paths.

No LITTER to be left on the fishery, all LITTER to be taken home.

No keepnets.

Fishing from designated pegs only.

No fish to be transferred between pools.

All toilets to be used, these are located in the car park.

Strictly no visitors, the only guest allowed is a partner, son or daughter and they have to be with you for the duration of your stay.

All locked gates around the fishery must be kept locked at all times.

Lower Lake & Meadow Pool

All anglers to be in possession of a suitable large padded carp unhooking mat (must have sides)

All anglers to be in possession of a carp care kit

No leadcore or leadcore leaders allowed. Safe zone leaders are allowed.

All Anglers to be in possession of a specimen landing net (minimum 36")

All nets and unhooking mats to be completely dry before entering the fishery

Please don't pull for a break, please seek a member of staff or a bailiff.

Only green or camo bivvies and brollies to be used, strictly no tents

No braid main line to be used.

12lb minimum breaking strain main line to be used.

Rods not to be left unattended at any time.

No fixed rigs to be used (if unsure please ask a member of staff).

No bent hook rigs.

No beachcaster rigs to be used.

Luncheon meat allowed on the hook/hair only.

Particles must be fresh with no shelf life allowed and must be of good quality branded names.

Bait boats allowed but common sense must prevail.

Maximum of 3 rods to be used.

No peanuts.

No sacking of carp.

Both Micro Barbed & Barbless hooks allowed.

Children under 14 to be accompanied by an adult.

Catch returns to be handed in at the office before leaving or sent by text or email at a later date.

All photographs to be taken over a cradle or whilst kneeling over a unhooking mat

                                 Pike Fishing

31st October till 1st March.

No live baits.

Dead baits only

All coarse fish dead baits to be shop bought.

No spinning.


Poolhall Fishery do not accept any liability for either personal injury or loss/damage to personal equipment whilst on site.

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Stewart Derbyshire - Owner 07801 443687 

Lisa Derbyshire - Owner/Bookings 07715379496

Peter Tranter - Fishery Manager 07502 472542

Poolhall Fisheries
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